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 Utila, Bay Islands



Dive Resort Operator

As a Dive Resort Operator, Utopia Village and Udive cater to recreational scuba and snorkelers. Udive offers activities such as recreational scuba and snorkeling instruction, Discover Scuba Diving experiences, guided dives and snorkeling excursions from the shore or a boat, as well as dive equipment rentals.



  • All divers are required to have a certification card. See all acceptable Valid Certifications for further details.
  • All divers are required to have dive insurance. Udive is a DAN (Divers Alert Network) member and policies can be purchased online at http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/join/index.asp?RC=1844224
  • Divers with special needs should call the dive shop for further instructions.


Refresher Course Policy

If your last dive was:

  • One year ago - refresher course recommended
  • Two to six years ago - Udive mini-refresher course required
  • Seven to nine years ago - Udive full refresher course required

Please contact our us if you need more information prior to booking your dives.


Junior Divers

Utopia welcomes junior divers ages 15 years or older. Parents must provide a written statement authorizing a legal guardian. Junior Divers are permitted to dive to 60 feet deep with a PADI professional, parent or legal guardian.

Contact us for divers younger than 15 years old.


Choosing a Dive Site

The final decision on what dive site to visit is the responsibility of the boat captain and dive master. They will definitely consider and try to accommodate requests from guests, but factors like the needs of the larger group, weather conditions and safety considerations will impact their decision. There is a “first come, first served” policy for the moorings around Utila, and sites cannot be pre-booked or guaranteed.


Safety & Conservation

Utila’s recompression chamber is located in Utila Town at Bay Island College of Diving. Utopia Village and Udive are members of the Utila Dive Safety & Environmental Council (UDSEC), an association that endorses safe diving practices and encourages environmental conservation among its members. Divers are encouraged to stay above 100 feet. The weekly reef fee is for education, preservation, and conservation of Utila’s reef system. The Utila Reef Fee also contributes to the maintenance of dive site buoys and the availability of the Utila Hyperbaric Chamber.


Reef Care

UDSEC, together with local dive operators, make it their business to protect the natural beauty Utila has to offer. The reef, which encircles the island, has taken centuries to develop and we are passionate about its protection and preservation.


For the future enjoyment of everyone in The Bay Islands, residents and visitors must act responsibly and keep the following things in mind while underwater:

  • Avoid touching coral with any part of your body or equipment.
  • Do not stand on or use coral to push off.
  • Do not collect mementos or any marine life.
  • Do not feed the fish harmful food.
  • Do not touch marine life.
  • Observe and follow marine life at a safe distance.
  • Treat the reef with respect.


Dive Ratios

For Udive, the maximum ratio is one Dive Master per ten certified divers on each guided dive. Our average ratio is closer to 5 or 6. We provide one instructor for every four Resort Course students. Udive does not allow divers to dive solo. but if needed a staff member can join a diver without a partner.


Dive Computer

Udive welcomes dive computers aboard all of our dive boats. We ask that you follow the following rules if you plan to dive with a computer:

  • Each diver must have his, or her, own computer, fully operational BCD, regulator with octopus & console (depth & pressure) and timing device.
  • Divers must be back on the boat with no less than 500 psi in their tank and back at the time announced by the Dive Master before each dive.
  • Divers must stay within five minutes of the no-decompression limit.
  • Udive recommends a five-minute safety stop at 15 feet after each dive.
  • Profiles will be recorded after each dive.



Generally, wetsuits are not needed during the summer months, as the water temperature is approximately 85 degrees. Guests may choose to wear a 3mm shorty wetsuit or dive skin. In winter, a long wetsuit either 3mm or 5mm is recommended. Those who get chilled easily may want to use a hoodie during the winter months.


Valid Certifications

If your certification is listed below you may qualify to enroll in the PADI Adventure Diver and/or the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver courses.

  • ACUC Open Water or Plongeur Scuba Eau Libre
  • ANIS One Star Junior or One Star Diver
  • AUSI Level 2 Diver
  • BSAC Ocean Diver, Club Diver or Sport Diver
  • CMAS One Star Diver
  • FFESSM Niveau I
  • FIAS Base Avanzato
  • IDEA Open Water
  • IDD Open Water Diver
  • IDF Two Star Diver (with Alternate Air Source Ascent and 50 yard compass swim)
  • NASDS Open Water
  • NAUI Scuba Diver or Open Water One
  • PDIC Open Water
  • SAA Club Diver
  • SSI Open Water Diver
  • SNMP NICEAU (Level) 1
  • SSAC 3rd Class Diver
  • YMCA Bronze Star, Open Water or Scuba Diver

Other certifications may qualify for enrollment in the Adventures in Diving program. To be considered, your certification must show proof of an entry-level scuba certification with a minimum of four open water-training dives.


Alcohol and Diving

For safety reasons, we ask that divers refrain from drinking alcohol before and in between dives. Our resort staff will not serve alcohol to divers that still plan to dive on the same day.


Contact reservations@utopiautila.com for further information.



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