A unique Caribbean dive resort

 Utila, Bay Islands



The site is located less 5 minutes from Utopia Village. The top of the reef ranges from as little as 5 ft to about 25 ft. A large sand channel separates two parts of the reef starting at 20 ft and sloping down all the way to 130 ft. The coral to the west is some of the healthiest and most vibrant on the island, with lots of varieties of hard and soft corals including huge pillar corals.


Sea Horses, Garden Eels, Pipe Fish, Flounder and more can be found in the large sand channel, while Spotted Eagle Rays and Stingrays often pass by or feed in the sand.

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Utila dive sites, provided by Utopia Village, Utila, Honduras.

Utopia Village


Big Rock

Blackish Point

The Pinnacle

Duppy Waters

The Maze

CJ's Drop-off

Don Quickset

Spotted Bay


Paul's Wall

West End

Raggedy Cay

Stingray Point

Diamond Cay

Jack Neal

Little Bight

Black Coral Wall

The Lighthouse


Airport Caves

Black Hills

Ted's Point