A unique Caribbean dive resort

 Utila, Bay Islands



The site is located 20 minutes from Utopia Village and gets its name from the large round sandy crater surrounded by shallow reef that looks like a crater on the moon. The maximum depth in the sand is 35 ft, and the surrounding coral provides shelter for a large variety of anemones, crustaceans and octopus.


Crossing over the western wall and heading south leads to Ron's Wreck, a small sunken fishing boat at about 60 ft, within a U-shaped reef wall with a gently sloping sandy bottom.

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Utila dive sites, provided by Utopia Village, Utila, Honduras.

Utopia Village


Big Rock

Blackish Point

The Pinnacle

Duppy Waters

The Maze

CJ's Drop-off

Don Quickset

Spotted Bay


Paul's Wall

West End

Raggedy Cay

Stingray Point

Diamond Cay

Jack Neal

Little Bight

Black Coral Wall

The Lighthouse


Airport Caves

Black Hills

Ted's Point