A unique Caribbean dive resort

 Utila, Bay Islands



The site is located about 40 minutes from Utopia Village. "Duppy" is local slang for "Ghost" and refers to the way the sunlight sometimes casts ghostly shadows and lights off the wall. The top of the reef is at about 20-25 ft and to the west is a beautiful and wide sand channel sloping down to 60 ft before dropping over the wall, which drops down to more than 140 ft.


Large Barrel Sponges can be found along the wall, as well as big Grouper, Snapper, Turtles and more. On top of the reef there are always lots of colorful juvenile fish.

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Utila dive sites, provided by Utopia Village, Utila, Honduras.

Utopia Village


Big Rock

Blackish Point

The Pinnacle

Duppy Waters

The Maze

CJ's Drop-off

Don Quickset

Spotted Bay


Paul's Wall

West End

Raggedy Cay

Stingray Point

Diamond Cay

Jack Neal

Little Bight

Black Coral Wall

The Lighthouse


Airport Caves

Black Hills

Ted's Point