A unique Caribbean dive resort

 Utila, Bay Islands



The site is located 15 minutes from Utopia Village. Named after the black coral that can be found around 25 ft (much shallower than typical), it is also one of the deepest walls on the south side of the island.


The top of the reef has lots of sandy areas that are filled with many species of juvenile fish including Sergeant Majors, Parrot Fish and more. Squid are often seen here. Tarpon frequently pass though these waters too.

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Utila dive sites, provided by Utopia Village, Utila, Honduras.

Utopia Village


Big Rock

Blackish Point

The Pinnacle

Duppy Waters

The Maze

CJ's Drop-off

Don Quickset

Spotted Bay


Paul's Wall

West End

Raggedy Cay

Stingray Point

Diamond Cay

Jack Neal

Little Bight

Black Coral Wall

The Lighthouse


Airport Caves

Black Hills

Ted's Point