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  Whaleshark & Dolphin Excursion  

Whale Shark & Dolphin Excursion


Take this deep blue getaway excursion that cruises the seas in search of the elusive Whale Shark and Dolphin pods. The Whale Shark is the world’s largest fish and is typically migratory.  Utila is one of the only places on the planet where they make their home year round.  Passengers are encouraged to take snorkel gear so they can swim with these gentle giants and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

The excursion includes a theory session by a local expert or research scientist that covers biology, behavior and conservation of the Whale Shark Utila.  Whale Sharks have distinguishing markings and spots.  Submit sighting dates, photos and descriptions to the research scientists via special tracking forms that help distinguish existing Whale Sharks around Utila and identify new ones.

*Remember that Whale Shark’s and Dolphins are marine animals that move and respond to weather conditions.  Spotting a Whale Shark cannot be guaranteed.

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