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Snorkeling in the Caribbean


Guests are encouraged to snorkel off Utopia’s shores where coral reefs and marine life are plentiful.  Snorkel gear is complimentary and can be checked out on a daily basis from the dive shop.

Utila is surrounded by a vibrant and diverse reef system with shallow fringing reefs on the South West side of the island.  Explore the coral reefs neighboring Utopia Village that offer spectacular shallow water snorkeling with over 40 species of coral and dozens of distinctive reef fish.  For the more adventurous, swim 100 feet off Utopia’s beach to the “drop off” which hosts beautiful wall formations. We also offer some amazing Utila sea kayak adventures. Utila's inland mangrove filled lagoons are a must see!

Updated 9/26/2014


Dive Fish Relax

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